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NavNet 3D - Other NavNet 3D Components - RD30

Display Power Use Receiver Type
4.5" Mono LCD 12 or 24 VDC N/A

If you are looking for a unit to show you precise depth down to 2 ft and temperature to 0.02 of a degree, then the RD30 is the answer. Simply connect the RD30 to our new Furuno Smart Sensor and you are ready to go! The new Furuno Smart Sensor is an ingeniously engineered depth sensor, entirely encased within its own transducer housing. The Smart Sensor connects directly to the RD30 display, via the NMEA data port, without requiring any additional processor or junction box. Power is supplied to the Smart Sensor from the connected display. The Smart Sensor operates at 235kHz. This frequency was chosen for its excellent ability to provide solid performance at both high speeds and in very shallow depths. Additionally, the 235kHz frequency will not interfere with other Furuno echo sounding equipment, including any products running at 200kHz.

These versatile products can also be added to any NavNet® system, providing numerous NMEA data display modes, including: Depth, Temperature, Wind Data, Speed, Bearing, Course, Position, etc.

Standard Features:

  • Versatile, Multi-Function, NMEA0183 Display and Data Repeater
  • Rugged, Waterproof Housing with 4.5” Silver Bright LCD
  • Two independent NMEA0183 Input and Output Ports
  • Programmable data-combiner, for mixture of NMEA0183 input port data to output port
  • Up to 8 NMEA Data parameters can be combined onto either or both NMEA0183 Output Ports
  • Five Fully Programmable User Display Modes with Text, Graphic, and Graphing Capabilities
  • Compatibility and Capability to Mix NMEA0183 Sources from any NMEA0183 device
  • Simultaneous Alarm Setting Capabilities for the following parameters: Temp (.01)/Depth/Speed/Arrival/Anchor/XTE/Trip/Odometer/Timer and Countdown Timer
  • Multiple Displays can be “Daisy-Chained” using a maximum of three displays in a chain
  • Power to the displays can be controlled from a NavNet display or the first RD-30 in the chain
  • Programmable “Offsets” are provided from Depth, Temp, Speed, Time and Wind Information
  • “Built-In” LORAN TD converter
  • Resettable Trip and Odometer Functions
  • Optional Smart Sensor connects to and is powered by the RD30 display
  • Cable Extensions will not affect temperature sensing or depth measurements.
  • Spare NMEA0183 Input Port allows RD30/Smart Sensor System to be utilized simultaneously as a Remote Navigation Data Repeater
  • Optional Smart Sensor features 235kHz Digital Echo Sounder and Standard/High Precision Temp Sensor
  • Unique 235kHz provides superior High Speed and Shallow Water performance
  • Smart Sensor Performance - Approximately 2.5 feet min. - 330 feet max (.8 meters-100 meters) at speeds up to 50 knots depending on installation and placement

Power Supply:

  • 12 or 24 VDC, 1.5 Watts



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